SEO Improvements

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To ensure that campaigns do not go nowhere and that goals can be proven, web applications must meet many technical criteria. In order to best support marketing activities, we rely on page speed, server performance and on page optimizations. We subject our applications to a SISTRIX on page analysis, chase them through Google Page Speed and implement the recommendations until we get the best results.

In coordination with your marketing department or third party providers, we create the optimal conditions for your online project. The integration of social media channels through Facebook catalogs, Instagram feeds, Youtube channels or connections to other platforms or e-commerce marketplaces are also realized by us on the highest technical level.

Through active application monitoring, we track the development of your projects and ensure that the reputation of your applications remain at this level.


Your website is not just a URL. It is an integral part of your marketing and business strategy. It's an extension of your brand and a virtual experience for your customers. Regardless of your company, your product or your customers, we ensure a smooth integration of the necessary state-of-the-art components.


As a certified developer, templater and partner, we rely on the currently most popular e-commerce system from Shopware®. From the free Community Edition for the entry into the online trade up to the extremely scalable Enterprise Edition with 24/7 support for large brands: using Shopware® we find the right solution for a wide range of demands on a modern online shop.


We develop innovative e-commerce platforms, customized applications and everything in between. Our developer teams are able to adapt to almost any web technology. No matter if you are looking for a creative management or a professional execution, we have everything covered.


Building a mobile app is the best way to increase interaction or optimize communication processes. We do not necessarily think of end-user applications for mobile apps - we see great potential in communication with dealers, partners and teams in particular.