Thinkshoes® Brandwebsite
Habesohn, Doucha Werbeagentur
Think! Shoes

Project Thinkshoes® Brandwebsite

The World of Think Shoes! Definitely one of our favorite projects. The ingenious design and concept of HD Vienna challenged us and made the implementation a lot of fun. From the digital lookbook to the scrollable picture book.

Despite the extensive UX elements, the entire application can be administered 100% in the backend, with two languages English and German. Includes Dealer Locator and Google Map Overlay. A blog including category and filter functions ensures comprehensive, easy-to-read content.

For all applications of Think! Also a central dealer management incl. API was developed. Thus, all portals access the same data. Furthermore, a look book has been implemented in order to be able to visually visualize the latest trends, colors and products on the brand website.

To support marketing campaigns on Facebook, a service was provided to automatically issue catalog feeds on Facebook and link them to Facebook ads.

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