Peeroton Sports Nutrition

Project Peeroton Sports Nutrition

Peeroton® - Austria's sports nutrition number 1! For Peeroton® mastermind Reinhard Möseneder, we have developed the design, concept and programming of this sporty Webshop. Existing customers and products were migrated from an ancient Magento shop.

For the creation of content an extensive blog was implemented, the products were categorized and provided with nutritionally relevant attributes. To automate the processes, interfaces to enterprise resource planning and logistics were developed.

Peeroton® offers in its extensive blog an infinite number of stories, tips & tricks and information on sports nutrition and nutrition in sports. Through many cooperations with teams and clubs, the brand has been sustainably established in the sport.

This webshop is more - a contact point for amateurs and professionals of various sports and teams. As a partner of the ÖOC and the Austria Ski Team, Peeroton® is considered the domestic manufacturer of sports nutrition.

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