Nah&Frisch Stammtisch
ZEV Nah&Frisch

Project Nah&Frisch Stammtisch

The Nah&Frisch Stammtisch - the communication app for merchants. Following an idea from Hannes Wuchterl and his Marketing team at Nah&Frisch, this app was developed. As a replacement for the monthly print mailings, the APP quickly became an indispensable tool.

Daily tips of marketing to all merchants, todo's and important info. Administration of all merchants Master data and access control lists in combination with the Nah&Frisch web office.

The annual cost of merchant mailings has been reduced to a minimum through the use of this APP. In addition, considerable added value was created for the merchants and their local customers. Through the direct sending of offers as SMS texts the communication with the merchant in the place was made especially for younger target groups to the topic.

Due to the success of the Nah & Frisch Stammtisch APP further features are planned. A bonus program for customers and spoiling contests for merchants are already being planned.

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