City Airport Train
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City Airport Train

Project City Airport Train

The City Airport Train. In 16 minutes at the airport - the first release in 10 weeks developed by us! Following a pioneering design by Illustree - Great User Experiences, we first built the new website including the payment process.

Over time, a comprehensive ticketing and ticket validation platform followed. All support is now running on our platform and is managed by the Vienna Airport support team. What a moving project!

For the Customer Support Center of the Vienna Airport, the backend has been expanded into a full-fledged administration panel. You can manually award bonus points and check payments. In addition, tickets can be created and sent manually.

Through the bonus point system, customers automatically achieve certain premiums and can redeem them in their customer account. Attractive rewards such as tickets to museums and other attractions in Vienna make the bonus system for passengers a very popular add-on.

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